Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Applicable Funding

Ambulatory Footwear is a recognized provider to many extended healthcare insurance companies, government agencies, charities, and service clubs.

Prescribed Orthotics and custom made orthopedic footwear are considered medical devices and can be included as a medical expense on your income tax. Qualified medical expenses over 3% of your net annual income may be deducted off your income for the year. As well, you may be eligible for disability tax credit if you require custom made orthopedic footwear due to skeletal deformity and other mobility diagnosis.

Please contact us for additional information on funding sources.

Professional Services

Training, Consulting, Designing & Building

Job Opportunities

Kinesiology, P&O, and C Ped (C) or C Ped (mc) grads are invited to apply to work at Ambulatory Footwear®. Please email Phil Watson at

Regular Off-site Clinic Locations

Ambulatory Footwear® provides clinical assessments at the following facilities:

Inflammatory and Mechanical Foot Disorder Clinic

10 Ewen Road
Hamilton, ON. L8S 3C4
Medical referral required
Tel 905-540-1500

Gane Yoh's Health Centre

1769 Chiefswood Road
Ohsweken, ON. N0A 1M0
Tel 1-800-461-8588

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